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(Tuesday, June 1, 2010 / 4:31 PM)

Hey guys!
did u have fun in ytd's BBQ?
my huse vry zai rite?hahas
i bet all of u woke up beri late today!:>
i was almost late for my cca that starts a 9am!:(
oh yea,today also have the math olimpic competition rite?
hope e4 olimpians have done well!hmph,lets make it more fun...
those who got silver,zhimin will reward you with bubble tea!ohkays?:D
the deal is on but u must have prove and come claim from me...:P
ok,lets get down to bussines.
tmr have science camp le!those who need the fat info see below

Reporting date:tmr luh!DUh~
Time:8 am SHARPe
Venue:AVA ROOM horhs
Dress code:P.E attire(for girls i think skirt optional)

Packing list:
go by item,quantity then notes if have


okays!thats all...catch mochi next time!tee hee:9

(Sunday, May 30, 2010 / 9:51 PM)

Heyhey E4! Guess who am i?! :D
ahhhh~ i finallyyyy get to blog! after one and a half year. hahas(:
and zhimin! you blog before me nvm~ COS I AM BLOGGING NOW! :D hoho~

HALLO E4! Tomorrow's our annual BBQ and hopefully, its gonna be FUNFUNFUNFUNFUN~
Must enjoy ourselves ok!! woohooo~ :DDDD

Meeting time for committee: 11
hmm, i am not sure for the non-committee members though. sorry:(
venue: ZhiMin's house~
its until 8.30 at night people! :D

wahaha! who's going overseas? Buy me a souvenir! nahh, joking~ hahas(:
hope you people have fun in whichever country you goooo! BON VOYAGE! :D

Its kinda busy these few days though. i have been booked like almost everyday! :O
and am growing fat if i continue eating somemore :( hahas

okies la~ don't wanna make you bored. :D oh yeah, its Jingyi here. :)


heyhey,hey,hey MAMA!
i come disturb disturb:P
actually no luhs,just come to add on wa she said:DD

meeting time for non-commitees:12pm

then after that,just come bartley le...
somone willl come fetch u guys to my huse
oh and i also see the FAT word!hahas
mama,continue gain FATs can?!?
no worriessC:
okays,thats all:D
hope u guys have fun tmr...

(Wednesday, May 26, 2010 / 9:21 PM)

hmm ... photo spam :D! But mostly already on facebook liao but whatever! Decided to change skin again for class blog LOL! Fickle minded me :> How was everyone's run? Amelyn and I was like slacking haha.

kkayes and i have cute cousins :b

XiTong says byes!

(Monday, May 24, 2010 / 9:02 PM)

Yo, joohen here to blog again, but today no one force me :)
Feeling Giddy, wanna throw up.
As this is a class blog, i shall not post my life here, Today is monday.
Well, we got our mother tongue paper 1 back and blah blah blah.
Maths.....well congrats to Jingyi and...the small kid that heaven hit puberty.
Well, alot of careless mistake and wrong concepts and blah blah.
And...great it was our recess and our lovely Geog teacher just came in and say we have assignment to do. "It will only take 5mins of time" Yay, 10 mins gone and she is still cr@pping, just hand out the paper already! It she still link that don't know to Straits Time $h!t.
English lesson $uck big time FOR TODAY. We have to do CIP which i think is ok...
It was NOT OKAY when my "Publicity" group consist of 2boy10girls. Yay, and i got abused when it is meeting time. Yay, someone hit my head, pull my flesh out of my arms and getting a NICE massage on my shoulders. :\ Great day.
Tomorrow is Maths Trail and my group is so Lengendary.
I don't want to talk about it because i will cause a loss of blood in the process so i will keep the words to myself. Goodluck and havefun tomorrow. -.-

(Sunday, May 23, 2010 / 9:48 PM)

hmph,i first time blog on 2e4 sia!fun8D
okay,lets get into business
so how did u do in the mye?good?bad?
u just got to noe it's alright!
GANBANTTE/JYJYS for the next time!C:
dun give up!2e4'10 hwaiting!:9
so now,is the time to partay!and post exam lame crap:x
i rather sleep at home luh...hahas:X
thats all...this was just to cheer u guys on!
dun lose hope...:)

mama,i come first!heheheh:3

(Friday, May 21, 2010 / 8:54 PM)

Hi E4! XiTong is once here again! Someone say i force him to blog the lorh hor :B? Ha, actually quite true. Anws, how's everyone's 2.4km today? ChuaJooHen say if i run behind him he can run even faster LOL BASTARD! Pinch die you uh! I was like running behind him for quite some time haha. Anyone's body is aching haha.
Well, this picture is dedicated to Edric :D
Credits @ google!

Anws, june holiday assignment #1 is from P.E :O
And for the upcoming PTM, pray that everyone wont get any bad remarks (:

History lesson, played 'Tap Tap' with Doris and kana caught lol. Fail.

Hmmm, we all getting back our overall results soon eh? Goodluck to all (; and for maths paper 2 goodluck too! And Marcus! Our bet uh! $2 mai run uh :B! And Jordan!!! Dessert hor! Okay la, i know la my post not as interested as that CHUAJOOHEN! But my kachiau-ing skills damn entertaining right :B haha. Ps for this boring post!

Well at least i posted pictures~




kkayes byes~

( / 4:46 PM)

Hey, i am forced again to blog! :D
Hi i am Joohen, the world's wicked woman forced me to blog this.
Hey, its 2.4km run today! Alot of people are "sian-ed" by the fact they have to run in such a beautiful windy morning... After running, everyone is panting and panting and panting. Their sweat already made the whole floor wet. The strench of smell is..... irresistible! Nah, not really.
We came back and the Eng teacher wants to explain summary, i was sooo tired that i just lie on my desk and watch the clouds fly by. And yay Maths paper!
Aw, no. She said she still haven't mark finish, then Mr Lim come in give us do 3 questions. Great, never recieve paper but already recieved shock already. -.-
Recess no appetite, want to throw up.
History? Bleh, the teacher never come and free time..... Class is so damn noisy, teacher call them return to their seats. just like 4 mins passed then they already started walking around already. And it continues for 2 more times.
Art? Results! Teacher ask who interested, i raised my hand but teacher never notice so, heck care lor. lol
And now i end my post with a byebye!
Freaking hot weather.